Thursday, August 28, 2008


According to a Californian news story 2 political officials was the victim of an intentional arson fire to each victims vehicle in Lake Elsinore Riverside County.
Thomas Buckley a city councilman serving a second term as city councilman heard pop sounds and looked out side to see his vehicle on fire in July. Buckley served as Mayor during his first term and has did well on improving the city of Lake Elsinore from when he first took office. EM1 didn't believe Buckley had any enemies. Its shocking to find out that he was the victim of an arson. This is sad. The other victim who had someone knock at his door to let him know his vehicle was on fire is long time citizen of Lake Elsinore and realtor and former city of Lake Elsinore City Treasurer Richard Dick Knapp Sr. Knapp is now running for the Directors seat 4th Division in an election for the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District EVMWD and oppose the Proposed Hydroelectric Power Project known as the LEAPS Proposed Project. The LEAPS Project is controversial and it is no surprise that opposing candidates may become targeting victims. The last 4th Division candidate Leroy Sanders an opposing LEAPS project at the time was also a target of threats in the last election EM1 recall, but it was kept quite. John Brown the attorney for EVMWD and other directors knew about the threats and some directors names was implicated in the threats. Also the Public Relations person name at EVMWD was also implicated in the threat. EM1 call upon law enforcement to interview Sanders about the threats on his life and what come of it, the end results. Also all of the Board of Directors should be interviewed. There were documentation on the threats. Sanders would know about the documentation as well as some directors. EM1 has suspected that this day may come because the law enforcement in Riverside County has a poor record for solving white/blue collar crime although they have been warned. They tend to look the other way and the former Riverside County DA is now an attorney for Best, Best & Krieger law firm for EVMWD. EM1 feels its time for the FBI to get involved and interview all of the EVMWD old and new staff. EM1 believe some have plenty to say. The present city Treasurer and family should be protected.

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It's time for law enforcement to investigate this situation more now than ever before - this is serious. There is great suspicion as to who is behind this car bombing. It's time that whoever did this be charged and put in jail. Obviously, it is a desperate person or better yet a group behind this car bombing. If anyone has any informtion they should turn it in to the police department.....we will not rest until they or them are caught and you better believe no matter how far we have to go to find that person or persons we will not give up.