Sunday, January 28, 2007

ANNE S. fege, PhD., M.B. A. LETTER

January 28,2007
EM1, is posting a letter written by Anne S.Fege, PhD., M.B.A., 12934 Texana Street, San Diego, CA. 92129. Anna Fege was Supervisor, Cleveland National Forest, until she was transfered by Issa, to far to get to work everyday. She retired.
January 3, 2007
Commission Joseph T. Kelliher
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington, DC, 20426
Subject: Unnecessary LEAPS Project at Lake Elsinore
Dear Commissioner Kelliher
As commissioner of the Fedaral Energy Regulatory Commission, I want to encourage you to oppose the Lake Elsinore Advanced Pump Storage (LEAPS) project in Riverside County California. The project will not produce any additional electricity and will cause the following irreversible and high risk impacts.
. Destruction of two pristine canyons on the Cleveland National Forest
. High fire risks from high voltage power transmission lines and unacceptable danger to firefighters working near them. Eight firefighters died in Decker Canyon in August 1959 in the area proposed for the transmission line.
. High cost, to meet earthquake standards, of building power equipment at the base of the mountain located in the Elsinore Fault line.
. Detrioration of Lake Elsinore's shoreline, with daily water level fluctuations.
. Reduced open space and hiking for more than 3 million people, who live within an hour's drive of those canyons.
. Omission of energy conservation as a policy and public campaign to reduce peak power demand.
. Negative economic projections, with unreasonably high energy rate projections and long payback period.
These costs and impacts are far too high, to justify the destruction of some of the most natural and beautiful lands enjoyed by the 19 million people in southern California so that a few investors can profit and a few businesses and individuals can pay less for peak power
Anne Fege
ANNE S. Fege, Ph D
And Retired Forest Supervisor. Cleveland National Forest.
Posted and rewritten by ELSINORE MAGAZINE1 (EM1)


XXX4 said...

Newspaper article FEDS FAVOR HYDRO PLANT NEAR SCHOOL. I was told that Phil Williams wife works at the School District and I understand the School District is against the LEAPS project. Another message I received - Guglielmana stated at a study session if the project goes through she is moving to Hawaii she has a condo there. And you people elected this liar to office --- you deserve what you are getting and you will pay with your money building the LEAPS project because it is a costly project that will cost millions of taxpayer/ratepayers money. Ha! Ha!

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