Sunday, January 21, 2007

Suspects In Rate Payer/Tax Payer Rape Charges


the lorax said...

As a stake holder It is my responsibility to request a 78 million dollar bond to pay for the clean up of the pump station and the lake when the LEAPS project fails. This is what it will cost to remove the lift station and clean up the Lake. Nevada Hydro must be responsible for this cost. When its an abandoned boondogle someone has to clean it up. The day this happens is the day Mr. Magee and Mr. Buckley lose the trust of the cities residents, not to mention we will be laughing stocks once again. Nevada Hydro and EVMWD would like everyone to believe revenue received from the market will apply to their LEAPS project they use this to try to make the project look financially feasible however the white paper states the revenue received from the markets is not the measure of the benefits associated with the presence of the plant. Mr. podrowski you must realize caiso is not as eaisly fooled as harvey , anderson phil lugi morrison and wicked willey we we wicke aka ben. You Mr Powdroski are the lorax only we may have caught you in time.

spinsta said...

Also Mr. LLOYd That nasty little man Wick told everyone certain LEAPS meetings will be for two certain members only Your hand should of went up and you should of stated I would like to be one of those people or you should attend as an observer. If your not strong Mr. LLoyd nothing is going to change. From what I can see nothing has Nothing was mentioned about the public attending these meetings and Wick announced before everyone without objection two will continue the secret LEAPS meetings. These have been going on for ten years stick up for your constituents that elected you Mr. LLoyd these meetings affect their lives, they have a right to be their especially the interveners If you cant atleast accomplish this in my eyes your already another failure that gets the peoples hopes up only to let them down. I hope Im wrong and your working behind the scenes if so im sorry. The only hero I see is Mr. Pinnow he works behind the scenes he's extremely smart and he gets things done. Good luck Mr. LLoyd be a man not a mouse afraid to speak up!